Guard Patrol Service for Bismarck North Dakota


Patrol Service for  Bismarck-North Dakota

A security guard, uniformed or plain clothes, performs patrols at random intervals based on your needs. Our Security Team provides professional, proactive, patrols of the perimeter and interior of your property. We provide patrols at apartment complexes, construction sites, shopping plazas, alarm activations and more. Marked or unmarked patrols cars are available for the Security Patrol Service.

Security Guard Service for Bismarck-North Dakota

Stationed at an entrance, a uniformed or plain-clothes security guard performs perimeter checks, walk-through and door-checks. Security supervisors also checks the site every shift to provide an additional level of protection.


Guard Patrol Service for Bismarck-North Dakota

For locations that require a higher level of attention, both a security guard and a marked or unmarked patrol car are positioned on-site for the entire shift. This Security Service includes the additional benefit of a Security on-site supervisory patrol during each shift. In order to meet your specific objectives, a variety of measures can be implemented depending on the size, location and surroundings of the location.

Business Investigations for Bismarck-North Dakota

Nationwide Protective Security Services, Inc. is a full-service provider of security and investigative services to both large and small business. Our services include:
Pre-Employment Screening
Due Diligence
Litigation Support
Employee Theft Investigations
Undercover Investigations
Insurance Investigations
Crisis Intervention
Bug Sweeps & Wiretap Detection
Computer Forensics
Uniformed & Plainclothes Guards
Executive Protection
Security Surveys & Risk Assessment
Video Camera Systems
Access Control Systems
If you are in need of a service you do not see listed, please do not hesitate to call for a free and confidential consultation.

Private Investigations for Bismarck-North Dakota

Security Investigations team provides a wide-range of quality private investigative services to businesses, attorneys and private individuals including:
Video Surveillance
Infidelity Investigations
Background Checks
Records Research
Pre-Employment Screening
Business Investigations
Employee Theft Investigations
Missing Persons/Locates
Insurance Investigations
Cheating Spouses
Using cutting-edge technology and with access to the most up-to-date computer databases in the industry, we find out what you need to know as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Our professional investigative staff is among the best in the industry and is committed to excellence and integrity.

Electronic Security for Bismarck-North Dakota

Security Investigations provides a range of Electronic Security Services including:
Video Surveillance Systems for Residential or Commercial Properties
Covert (“Hidden”) Cameras
Access Control Systems
GPS for Business Vehicle and Merchandise Tracking
Electronic Countermeasures (“Bug Sweeps”)
Security Alarm Systems
We provide extensive customer training in all video surveillance and access control systems.
Our bug and wiretap sweeps are only conducted by countermeasures professionals.

Background Checks for Bismarck-North Dakota

Protective Services Agency Inc. is an industry leader in providing thorough, customized and cost-effective background checks to meet all of our client’s needs.
Our Background Check services include:
Pre-Employment Screening
Criminal Records
Civil Records
Judgments & Liens
Asset Checks
Sex Offender Registry Searches
Professional Credentials & Education Verification
Reference Checks
Tenant Screening
Pre-Marital Searches
Nanny & Caregiver Background Checks
If you are in need of a service you do not see listed, please do not hesitate to call for a free and confidential consultation.

Bodyguard, Escort, & Personal Protection for Bismarck-North Dakota

We the leader in customized bodyguard and personal protective services.
Whether you need a team of bodyguards for a high profile event, a pair of bodyguards for around-the-clock service, escorts while you travel, or a single guard for peace of min We offer both covert and high-profile protection and will tailor our service to fit all of your needs.
All of our personal protective agents are highly trained with varying backgrounds in military, law enforcement, corporate security, emergency medical service and crisis management. We have both male and female bodyguards, both armed and unarmed. Our agents are held to the highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality and integrity. Their only job is to keep you safe. Armed Security Guard Services.
Please contact us for a free and confidential consultation to see how Nationwide Protective Security Services can meet your personal protective needs.
Nationwide Protective Security Services offers additional services which integrate with personal protection including risk assessment surveys, threat awareness education, electronic countermeasures (“debugging”), security camera installation, surveillance and private investigations.

Security Guard Service for Bismarck-North Dakota

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