Security Guards in Georgia 

Security Guards in Georgia is what Nationwide Security Service can off to you. We specializes in security guard patrol services and security services for the distribution, transportation, logistics, high-technology, manufacturing, petrochemical, commercial real estate, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

In addition to contract security and security management, we can offer a full range of investigative services, such as undercover agents, surveillance, certified interrogators, background checks, polygraphs, insurance, and criminal investigations.

For locations that require a higher level of attention, both a security guard patrol and a marked or unmarked patrol car are positioned on-site for the entire shift. This Security Service includes the additional benefit of a Security on-site supervisory patrol during each shift. In order to meet your specific objectives, a variety of measures can be implemented depending on the size, location and surroundings of the location.

Security Guards for Atlanta-Georgia

We provide value to our clients by understanding your requirements and make suggestions where needed. No matter who or where we serve, our goal is to be the most responsive security service solution provider in Georgia.

Nationwide Security Service has deployed TrackTik Guard Software on all of its site locations. TrackTik is considered to be a security industry standard. It is a game-changer for the security industry. Its real-time tracking, efficient task management, robust communication tools, and data analytics capabilities not only enhance security operations but also provide significant cost savings and improve client satisfaction. Using TrackTik means stepping into a future where security is smarter, faster, and more reliable.

Our professional staff is among the best in the industry and is committed to excellence and integrity.

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Security Guards in Georgia 

Atlanta Security Guard Patrol Services