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Fire Watch Security

FIRE WATCH SECURITY Is your Fire Alarm system down? Sprinkler malfunctioning? Nationwide Security Service  Fire Watch is ready to serve if the fire marshal or fire chief has ordered the building owners to get fire watch services or the building owners need to take a proactive step to reduce their liability before being ordered to    […]

Security Management Solutions

National-Regional- Local -Temporary and Permanent Security Management Solutions serving all 50 states. We are a leading national security firm providing security guard and investigative solutions with proven performance and quick response in all fifty states. Our extensive industry experience built a proprietary national security network from the ground up. For your national or local security needs, gain    […]

Unique solution for enhanced perimeter security.

AUTOMATIC LICENSE PLATE RECOGNITION   One technology perfectly suited for minimizing perimeter security threats is Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR). This technology uses license plates—the only visible, unique identifier on any given vehicle—to identify and help classify vehicles. An organization can use ALPR to support perimeter monitoring and access control initiatives before a person even    […]

Violence in U.S. Down, but Still Widespread

Homicide and assault rates have decreased significantly since 1980, but overall rates of violence remain high, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The Journal reports that homicide rates have decreased from a peak of 10.7 per 100?000 persons in 1980 to 5.1 per 100?000 in 2013. Aggravated assault rates    […]

Benefits of Having a Security Guard at a Business

Small businesses have to deal with the reality that thefts and other crimes can occur on business premises. Some businesses, such as convenience stores, banks and retail stores, may be more of a target for criminals and petty thieves than other types, but a wide variety of businesses choose to hire security guards. Guards can be    […]

Celebrate the 4th of July Security Tips

    As we celebrate the independence of America we all want a fun and safe time for our friends and families.   Things to think about Different large-scale events come with different risks. For example, a Fourth of July celebration can mean spending hours in the summer heat and possible dehydration, while a more    […]

Man’s Best Security ?

The saying normally goes…A Dog is Man’s Best Friend well n ow Dogs can be the best security too. Earlier this year  in New Delhi  a special breed of military canine that is credited to have helped US Navy SEALs in sniffing out al-Qaeda‘s chief Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan, is now part of the country’s elite counter-terror    […]

2014 Black Friday -Shopping

2014 Black Friday -Shopping The biggest shopping days of the year are coming up fast, but there are still time to have a security plan in place. With several high-profile Black Friday incidents in recent years, merchants and shopping centers are on high alert. About 97 million shoppers are expected to shop in stores and    […]