Many clients are expanding and expect their security services to expand with them. To meet this type of growth expectations of our clients, we have partnerships with our affiliate on the East Coast to assist in this nationwide coverage.

Our National coverage supplied by us and our affiliates, serves the needs of clients across the United States. Over the years, our companies have grown and evolved to become a model for delivering nationwide security solutions.

Our service model complements and enhances each specific
organization we serve. More than just marketing, sales, these organizations engage in ongoing account development including facilitating the sharing of best practices; developing value-added service strategies targeted specifically for that industry segment; and assuring consistency and standardization of services across the entire country.

New Vendor Submission

Full Name
Business Name
What is the legal entity name of your company?
Business phone
Cell Phone
What State(s) does your company do business in ?
What is your role with the company?
Your Website
Does your company have after hours dispatch ?

How is your company structured?

How many employees does your company have?

How long has your company been in business?

Are you fully licensed to operate a security guard company in your state?

Is your company able to provide copies of your guards' firearms certification if requested ?

What are your limits for General Liability Insurance?

Do you carry an Umbrella policy for more than $1,000,000?

Do you carry a Workers Compensation Policy if required to do so by your state for at least the minimum limits required by law if applicable?

Please select the type of vehicles your auto insurance policy covers:

Are you/your insurance carrier able to name our company as ADDITIONAL INSURED with a WAIVER OF SUBROGATION if effect for ALL POLICIES and present this on an official Certificate of Insurance?

If contracted, is your company willing and able to adhere to our clock in/out methods, as well as keep accurate logs, reports, and records of incidents?

1.) I hereby certify that the information submitted on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

2.) I understand that subcontracting is strictly prohibited and will result in a non payment of any service rendered.

3.) I understand that providing false, misleading or partial information will result in a termination of Nationwide Security Service's affiliates team program.

4.) I agree to have all required compliant documents COI, Worker's Comp, Business Licence, W9, Signed Mater Agreement , Vendor Registration and Chronotek amendment signed and sent back to Nationwide Security Service within 3 business days or less or before the assignment begins.

5.) I understand that not having all required, compliant documents sent back to Nationwide Security Service may cause a delay in payments.

Once we have received your answers a Nationwide Security Service representative will contact you.